GOSH Shenzhen-- introduce yourself!



Hi everybody. I’m Fernando, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. I develop open source DIY didactic toys, building blocks systems mainly focused in tensegrity and geodesic structures. We try to develop affordable systems to help teaching tech and science in vulnerable communities. Project is called Alquimétricos and Alquibots (the techy version).
Thank you all for this opportunity to learn and share

Introduce yourself!

I am Laura Olalde, I come from Argentina and I got involved in open science hardware when doing my artistic research with biomaterilas and living matter processes when I found that I needed to count on the appropiate devices and tools handly at my studio and also to share how to make them with others, specially in constructive and collective learning processes.
This year at GOSH I expect to learn again with others and specially to help spreading the goals of GOSH through my rol as documentation team coordinator. You are welcome to join us! You can find me in WeChat, my ID is lauraolalde18
Hope to see you all soon!


Hello! I’m Anna, from the UK. I’m working on how to make manufacturing (of all kinds of things) more local, especially in the Global South where global supply chains don’t work well. I see Open Hardware as a key part of that.
I’m also a co-founder of Kumasi Hive in Ghana, and was at AfricaOSH there in April this year. I also met a few GOSHers at the pre-GOSH summit at CERN last year, but sadly I couldn’t attend Santiago. Can’t wait for this one!
I arrived in Shenzhen yesterday but I have meetings and factory visits today and tomorrow. See you Wednesday!
I’m keen to talk to people interested in documentation standards for open hardware, as under the MakerNet Alliance (www.makernetaliance.org) we’re starting up a working group on that. Ask me if you’d like to know more!


Hi every one,
I am Rockets Xia from Mushroomcloud Makerspace Shanghai.
Mushroomcloud is a makerspace in Pudong Shanghai China, we try to spare the maker sprite to China.
We have coprate with Green Seed and DFRobot to make a KnowFlow water monitor system.
We hope the KnowFlow system can help people know the flow more convenience and easy.
I hope more people can help KnowFlow grow up.


Hi friends,

I’m Tony Yet from Guangzhou, China. I am a writer and translator by profession, on the side, I am also a TEDx organizer. My involvement with open source / citizen science dates back to a blog that I started which communicates citizen science in Chinese a while back. Have since move on to work on community building and some policy research work at Good Lab in Hong Kong. More recently, I am helping with the Public Lab Barnraising unconference in Guangzhou. See you soon in two days!



Hi all, I am Shan He from Guangzhou. I live in a eco-friendly community and teach science in a local school. My previous work regarding environmental injustice investigations brought me to Public Lab. Currently we are organizing the first China Barnraising on our island. Also with Rockets we develop KnowFlow, not only water monitoring hardware but also and open science education in China.
I enjoying cooking, dancing, making and sleeping. currently practise stopping.



Hi *,

This is Moritz, am a German physicist who lives and works in the UK, researching renewable energies, in particular emerging solar cell technologies. If we manage to get our solar cells to work well in the British weather, then they should work anywhere;-). Starting a new group and laboratory from scratch came with some challenges, but also with opportunities. One of the opportunities we are trying to implement from the start is building our laboratory around the concepts of “Open Science” as much as it is possible. We are an experimental physics lab and we need lots of equipment, both for the fabriation and the characterisation of our solar cells. For example, Grey Christoforo, a former PostDoc in my group, built a spray coater for our research, based on the popular open source RepRap 3D printer (http://afmd.github.io/LANDS), which came in at a fraction of the cost of the commercially system we had found. The current focus of our open science work is on open hardware for the characterisation of solar cells, from simple current-voltage characteristics to more sophisticated optoelectronic measurements, hoping that many groups around the world working on renewable energies can benefit from this. I am really excited to participate in GOSH this year!

More information on our research is on https://www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/research/afmd-group

Looking forward to meeting you all this week!



If anyone wants to reach me, search for @flor_esta or @flor_esta_ on many social medias


was it you who did the laser cutting on the day that Urs didn’t show up for the unconf session??
If so, do you remember who came to do it with you (Eduardo and ?? Tony Yet? )?
Hope the start of 2019 is going very well for you!