GOSH Nodes / GROLScH / Collaborative Production Events: Full Proposal



Pedro? Ya esta como nodo :slight_smile:
Postulación aca:


This seems to still be a topic of high interest. Let’s make a list of already existing places to go.


We’re on it! Digital biology/North American Gosh 2019 details coming soon…


Yes! Actually that was an output from GOSH, I think @agnieszka and maybe me took it on, to create a list of residencies that people could utilize for production events, basically copy pasting the art residencies model as per Marc’s suggestion.


GOSHers from Argentina, Chile and Brasil are also keen on organizing one in our region…
y Peru (@biomakers_lab @jptincopa @DulceYaquetto) can we count you in?


GOSHLabs… Global Open Science Hardware Labs.


Adding a link here to a GOSHLab proposal we are working on (summer 2019, exact date and plans TBD):


@ffederici yes, absolutely. Please, let me know when we could have a video call to talk more about that. I think @DulceYaquetto and @jptincopa are agreed too.


May be worth creating a new post about this… but I think the ideal technical solution to managing the residencies and making sure they are all publicly viewable is something like this:


A wordpress option would be nice to integrate into existing GOSH site. Features we need:

  • Someone from each location should be able to create
  • Someone from each location should be able to edit/manage their own listing
  • Listings should be searching + viewable, according to relevant tags or search terms (like ‘free’, ‘housing’, etc.)

Any suggestions for solutions there?


as there are already so many residency programs out there.
tapping into existing ones, maps, networks and adding abit of GOScH to a program could be very valuable. instead of starting from 0.

btw. this call is still open until 28th october.



Yeah, totally I agree, but I think the need is to make them more visible within our community, and address specific questions our community has about how they would work (like what tools are available, what does it cost, places to stay, etc. etc.).

In addition, there were a bunch of people willing to host at GOSH which certainly didn’t have their info on the web, in part because they’re not a general host but are willing specifically to host other GOSHers.

So in part it’s organizing what already exists and making sure the relevant data is there, in part it’s creating a place for us to communicate residency location/information with each other. Right @agnieszka that seemed like the crux of the discussion to me (?)


Hello all, sad I’ve been trusting that unmistakable financing would come through for this which is the reason I haven’t followed up/posted all the more however so far we don’t have anchored subsidizing for this. I think this is an energizing thought that puts the power specifically in the hands of the network. On the off chance that anybody is aware of conceivable subsidizing hotspots for a thought like this please post them here!!!