French version of GOSH Roadmap

Let’s start on a French version ASAP…

as this festival in Paris is coming up @Ewen , and also for sharing to AfricaOSH to the Afrique francophone @thomasmboa



Hi there, I’ll go back to Chile in a few days so I coulp help from Santiago! I was in Paris until last week ^^
A google docs would work for me, if it’s OK for you =)

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Thank @dusjagr

I just want to quote an email from @unixjazz "Here is the complete, final text (for now, before the launch): It is in plain text, so you can use whatever tool / format you prefer to
translate. "

Based on it, we can do the translation. As @severine.cazaux suggested, let me open this google doc:

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Thomas, I’d be glad to dedicate some hours to help with that! Do you have a timeline with milestones and how to split the text between people? I think a deadline would help me get organised :wink:

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i think a deadline mid next week is the best!
cos then we can lauch the french version during the festival in paris.
@Ewen get some of your translators at makery on here, please.


@dusjagr, Makery’s team is supra busy right now with organisation. But I can put a call to La Paillasse, Echopen and CRI people, may be they can help. Do you have a call for the task ?

i understand…
i guess this is the call :slight_smile:

Working on the GDoc file =)

So, the festival “Open Source Body” is finished now, and I had the opportunity to promote our GOSH network to a broad audience and connect a few interesting open science hardware project.

my call for help for the “traduction” is still hanging… hope to get those makery and la paillasse folks onto it soon.

thx @kelu124 for the headstart!


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Call still hanging… meanwhile we interviewed @thomasmboa ahead Africa OSH.
In french :
soon english


Hey all: is the final translated document posted somewhere?
We are having an event in Paris on May 17, and we would like to distribute the translated version!