Carbon offsets - recommended providers

Feeling a bit guilty about flying around the world and was looking into carbon offsets to ease my conscience. Anyone have recommendations for reputable organizations that do this?


I did a bit more digging into this and found a good carbon offset purchasing guide put together by the David Suzuki Foundation & Pembina Institute. It might be a bit out of date (the last version was updated in 2009), but it’s the best comprehensive review I’ve been able to find. If anyone knows of something better, please let me know.

I extracted the evaluation data table from the pdf using this really cool open-source tool called tabula and posted the data online as a google spreadsheet. I also added pricing per tonne of CO2 for each of the providers in the report. It’s interesting to see quite a range in prices, but the average and median are both around $18USD.

Could be useful when thinking about offsetting CO2 for future GOSH meetups/projects and relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).