Announcement of Candidates: 2022 GOSH Community Council Election

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce the final list of candidates for the 2022 GOSH Community Council Election! We’ve got 8 spectacular candidates :smiley: for this upcoming election, here is a list of them all:

Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou @thomasmboa

Valerian Linus Sanga @valerian

Kwaje Steven Taban @Kwaje

Harold Tay @harold

Mathew Lubari @CC4DUganda

Jafsia Elisee @elja

Frank Landon Bentum @Frank_AfricaOSH


What’s Next?

Candidates will be free to communicate with and engage the GOSH community in any way they feel is appropriate, however, all candidates will be expected to participate in specific common activities, including:

  1. Posting of candidate position statements: Candidates will be asked to draft a short position statement, indicating why they are running for Community Council, their priorities for the community, and what they hope to achieve, along with a short bio. A basic template will be provided to candidates in order to encourage comparability of position statements. Position statements will be posted to a designated category on the GOSH forum, with community questions and comments enabled so that community members can offer feedback and pose questions. These statements do not have to be in English.
  2. Community meeting with candidates: A community meeting will be scheduled and announced to allow live discussion between community members and candidates.

Candidates were also given the option to attend next week’s GOSH community council meeting in order to learn more about the council and to have the opportunity to ask seated council members questions about the position.

Just a reminder that the deadline for voter registration is June 23rd. You can register to vote using the following link:

For more information on the GOSH 2022 Community Council Election process, check out the community governance category and election landing page.


@briannaljohns Is there any link that you can share for the meeting.

Hi @CC4DUganda! I have just sent candidates an email with more information on the community meetings this week. You can also find the same information and links to join the meeting here on the forum.

Regarding the council meeting, I will be sending candidates an email (and Google Calendar invite) with information on how to join shortly :slight_smile: