Alternative to using Eventbrite

I asked on the main call thread before:

Do we need to re-register or something to get an invite to the next call? Rather than using Eventbrite, we could actually add a private section to the forum, that’s only visible if you are logged in, for posting meeting links and other semi-private matters.

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There are only some small reasons to do move away from Eventbrite: not relying on another service and keeping a little more data privacy (Eventbrite knowing about your events… using it for advertising etc.) But I guess that’s probably not enough reason to switch right now if Eventbrite is working and people are already signed up through there.

For the future, a simple solution to do the visitor numbers on the forum could be to use the polls, so people just click to register. There are probably more advanced plugins/methods. I have seen buttons with “register to reveal this content” on other Discourse forums but researching and enabling that seems like a lot more work.

Edit: Though events in the calendar plugin do look interesting

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I have been testing out that plugin in the hidden staff category and it’s working great. Still need to figure out how to have the actual Zoom link hidden. I posted on Discourse Meta about that:

Looks like there is a full plugin just for Zoom meetings actually. (so many plugins!)

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For what it’s worth and FYI, the people behind FOSS Asia has built an Eventbrite replacement called Eventyay (this looks like the backend source code). As you can see it has been successfully used for events such as the Open Tech Summit.

Of course, if the goal is to find a solution that’s integrated within Discourse that’s great, too.


Nice to see a GOSHer on the front page of eventyay. But I think integration into a single place is more important here than simply avoiding proprietary tools. I will remember to look at eventyay next time I run an event.

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