Use these slides to feature GOSH in your next presentation!

Hi again everyone!

Are you working on an open hardware/open science presentation and want to mention GOSH? Well, I wanted to share this brief set of presentation slides on GOSH that you can add to your presentations!

It’s a series of 4 slides that explain the GOSH Community, some of our accomplishments, and how to get more involved in GOSH!

Feel free to use these slides in your next presentation!



Great idea and super useful! Thanks Bri


Thank you Bri! This is really useful.



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Fantastic, thank you @briannaljohns!

In addition to the slides, I think it would be good to have a corpus of multimedia material, i.e. photos, images, audio, video, etc. that could also be used in presentations. I know there’s a Flickr account somewhere with photos, are there other caches of material that could be shared?

Hi @hpy! Great question.

In addition to the Flickr, there’s also the GOSH youtube channel and the “What is the importance of Open Science Hardware / Cual es la importancia del Open Science Hardware” series of interviews done by el plan C (@marbasch) at the 2018 GOSH Gathering. The interviews are in Spanish here and in English here.

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