Three Mozilla Science Mini-Grants to members of the GOSH Community :D

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The latest round of Mozilla Science Mini-Grants have been announced and huge congratulations to

Three out of nine global Mozilla Science Mini Grants went to GOSH Community members for open science hardware projects - well done everyone on the great ideas and hard work!

More information on the projects below and the winners here.


Project: Escola Itinerante de Tecnologia Cidadã Hacker – EITCHA
Lead: Leonardo Sehn Alves
Location: Brazil
Description: EITCHA is a project to designed to teach children in schools around Porto Alegro in Brazil about open science, citizen science, open software and hardware, open data and information security. Project leads will be leading 3-day workshops demonstrating these concepts by teaching students how to program, deploy, and collect data through a meteorological station at their school.
Learn more and get involved: Website – / Gitlab repository –

Project: ETER || a free/libre air-quality monitor for education & research
Lead: Julieta Arancio (Twitter: @cassandreces / GitHub: @thessaly)
Location: Argentina
Description: A six-month project for co-prototyping an open source air quality monitor with high school teachers. This will accompany the development of open educational resources around why and how to run open science school projects.
Learn more and get involved:

<img src=’/uploads/db7701/original/1X/1adebda36f70ee58285d78425d07c247db4ece87.jpeg’ alt=’’¡Vuela!’ means ‘fly!’ in Spanish. Image designed by @teddiet.wee’>

‘¡Vuela!’ means ‘fly!’ in Spanish. Image designed by @teddiet.wee

Project: Open Science Drone Toolkit
Leads: Gustavo Pereyra Irujo & Paz Bernaldo (Twitter: @gpereyrairujo & @PazByC)
Location: Argentina & Chile
Description: Through seven open and collaborative workshops in Chile & Argentina, this project will support the prototyping of an open source drone toolkit for improving scientific research in different fields and to help advance a community of collaborators and users of open science tools in South America.
Learn more and get involved:


Congrats! I can’t wait to hear about your progress!!

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:smiley: Congrats everyoneeee!

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