The Maker's Bill of Rights - Critical Making

This has been posted a few weeks back and i personally really like to see more voices and especially such well known figure.

As we always had a strong involvement of self-described makers in this community, i’d love to add to this discussion here.

and Garnet Hertz then added more comments on social media:
“Folks: don’t forget that the “maker movement” is about 0.01% as large as the field of art. Retail spaces that sell Arduinos are about 0.1% as popular compared to art supply stores. Makerspaces are about 0.1% as popular as shared artist studios. I love Arduino and building electronics, but object to the entire field of art and craft being rebranded as the “maker movement” - it claims that we’re all makers, but to be a real maker and you need computation. You don’t. It’s a lie.”


I just wanted to say that I’m in agreement with a lot of what this Bill of Rights has mentioned. We must think sustainably and even my own tech work has been reduced as I contemplate whether the project is really helpful to the world. 3D printing gets the star treatment, but the reality is that we are already drowning in plastics (literally).

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