Support for Andriy, GOSHer in Ukraine

The purpose of this fund is to give a personal channel of support for Andriy Hertz, a GOSHer in Ternopil Ukraine, in an extraordinary time of need.

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If you intend to give, do so soon - this fundraiser closes March 18 and the war progresses quickly.

Andriy Hertz is a personal friend, colleague, and professor at Ternopil Teaching University in Ternopil (Official website of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk national pedagogical university). He’s a talented, honest, hard working person who I completely trust to make the decisions that support his community and country. He has a wife and two young children and is an active member of the Open Science Hardware community.

The money from this fund will go directly to Andriy’s bank account to actively support relief and defense efforts.

A recent message from Andriy - “We are okay today. Air raid siren sounded at 3.40 am, 7.04 am. It woke us up and we rushed to shelter. Slept the rest of the night on the floor. But safe. This is our reality, this is our everyday. Sirens sound several times a day. Russia, is the insidious enemy, he spares neither children nor women. Destroys, simply destroys entire villages, cities, does not allow civilians to evacuate. Evacuation columns with women and children were shot on.”

Thank you for your support and donation and desire to impact this conflict. Our combined political and economic will can make a difference.

Feel free to share with family or friends.


PS - I’m sharing this publicly because Andriy is part of our community and needs help, not necessarily to initiate a broader discussion about Ukraine. If you have questions or concerns about this post you can also contact me directly (DM or email).