Subscribing to the GOSH calendar

GOSH has a calendar but I keep missing the community calls as they are not in my own calendar in Thunderbird.

There is a huge amount of advice online about how to subscribe to ones own google calendar in Thunderbird. However, I can’t see a way to subscribe to a public google calendar in Thunderbird. Does anyone know of a magic .ics link hiding away?

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Could not find a way to get an .ics, but there is a magic iCal link I am sending your way via PM (as there are many warnings not to make that public on the page where it can be generated).

After confirming that this works, I am happy to share it with other people that need it!

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It is now in my calendar :gosh: :smiley: . I am not sure if it auto-updates as things change. I’ll have to let you know.