Small lab in space

Orbiting more than 300 miles above Earth, a tiny satellite with a laboratory shrunk to the size of a tissue box is helping scientists carry out experiments that take gravity out of the equation.

“Everything can be done remotely while the system is in outer space,” said company founder Yossi Yamin. “We upload the link with the command files to the lab, and the experiment takes place.”

This kind of thing would be great to recreate. Wish they would open source the wee lab.

I share my co working space in Bristol with Michael from the JA Initiative. I am not totally up to date on what Michael is up to but there definitely have been several open source projects in this area supported by JA. I am sure you will come across more projects run by others if you cast your net wider.

@kaspar make sure he knows about us, and invite him to the forum and to sign the manifesto!

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