Share your project with an online talk/seminar/live demo!

Open Neuroscience ( one of the projects I work on, has partnered up with the world-wide series to run a seminar series on open source tools for science!

It would be great to host some of people developing open source tools here.

If you are interested, you can either ping me a direct message here (or via email or using this form

NOTE: even though this is a partnership between Open Neuroscience and World Wide, the series is open to projects from all fields!


Hi Andre

Great initiative! What is the typical format of the seminars? Would it typically be one project per seminar or could projects team up?



Also, are you looking for projects at specific stages? Or can projects at any stage (from ideation to production, or in betweem) give a talk??

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Hi both,

Thanks for the questions!

Due to the long list of online seminars and other online events going on, we are trying to keep the format fairly open. So a demo of your tool is fine, a traditional talk about it is also fine. What we recommend is that the whole thing takes between 30 and 45 min, with another 15-30 min in the end for questions.

Initially we would like to have projects that are already have at least a minimum working prototype. But if everything goes well, we could open up to projects that are in more initial stages!

I hope this answers the doubts, if not, let’s keep chatting!