Register for RespiraCon II, January 29th & 30th

Hi all,

I wanted to share that registration is open for RespiraCon II. Click here to register! I am sharing more information on the event below:

RespiraCon II: Concept to Impact

Rethink the deployment of global respiration technology. Help save millions of lives!

Jan. 29th (Sat.) 10:00 AM CDT to 1:30 PM CDT and

Jan. 30th (Sun.) 10:00 AM CDT to 1:30 PM CDT , 2022

Format: 3.5 hours of 20-minute presentations and discussions with thought leaders, followed by 1.5 hours additional social interaction in smaller groups.

Humanity needs to improve the delivery of respiratory care medical devices globally by democratizing their development, production, deployment and servicing. By using greater transparency, open-source techniques, and shared cooperative standards, we can build an open ecosystem of respiratory care medical devices which will save millions of lives in the next ten years.

We seek to empower firms, big and small, in every nation to use safe and effective, modular, repairable, free-libre open source designs to manufacture life-saving medical devices and PPE.

This conference will focus on making personal connections: between students, mentors, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, business people, clinicians, non-profits, and philanthropists.

The conference will address the entire lifecycle of technology, from conception of device, all the way to the lungs of a needy patient.

Special programming in the afternoons will focus topics of interest to students.

Please see the RespiraCon II website for more detail and updates, but be sure to register to get important reminders and notifications.

Thanks for making people aware of RespiraCon II, Bri.

As a lurker at GOSH for some years, let me extend a personal invitation. This conference is about Open Source Medical Devices, which are similar to Open Science, but has the problem of regulatory compliance, legal liability, etc. We’re trying to tell the story, or maybe even imagine into being, the story of how open source medical devices can go all the way from conception to healing a real patient. I personally believe this is a global conversation that will take us (the global open source community) a decade to make real. But we have to start now, while the miserable failures of our global response to COVID-19 has created a “teachable moment”.

We will be posting the full schedule soon, and this free conference has really good speakers, including Dr. Jenny Molloy. Since it is free, I encourage you to register now—the scientists and engineers here at GOSH are exactly the kind of people we are trying to draw into this conversation.

– Rob, (he/him), founder of Public Invention