Recent articles on GOSH

Hi everyone,

@maxliboiron and @jcm80 published a great article on equity in The Conversation, “We need to break science out of its ivory tower, here’s one way to do this”.

Max, Jenny and I also have an article on GOSH 2016 in the Journal of Open Hardware.

Check them out when you have a moment! Shannnon


And several more!

From @xiamyra Change the world with open science hardware
From @gpereyrairujo Open tools for better science
From @paz Roadmap or Compass?


Agreed - so nice to have so many good writers around!


Here is another (only slightly older) one: When the GOSH manifesto came out, i wrote this invited article in the 10th anniversary edition of Lab Times: GOSH - that’s Handy’s_Handy;