OpenCon 2017: Reflections from a GOSHer

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There’s still much to be done and communicated to the scientific community regarding what’s going on in the Open Hardware field. Each day, more scientists and institutions around the globe get involved in Open Science practices, though –as seen at OpenCon- only few of them are aware of the existence and benefits of using/developing open source hardware. How do we engage with this diverse group? Which voices are we missing?

One of the outcomes of OpenCon 2017 is the decision to host OpenCon Latin America 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of the questions that arose at the discussion were about how to build bridges between communities, how to foster a culture of collaboration in our regions, besides meetings and events. How do we start opening the frightening black box of science hardware and get more people into the discussion?


Wow, thanks for the report, it’s super useful to have that perspective for those who couldn’t make it. It’s great to hear the word spread also, in it’s many forms and faces, and expand beyond our community.