Open HW educational resources *for teachers*

Hi everyone,

We’re starting a project where we aim to co-prototype an open air quality monitor (PM2.5, PM10) together with high school teachers from technical schools in Buenos Aires.

One of the products of the project is an open hardware educational kit for teachers, focused on why to use OHW in science school projects and the basics of how to do it, plus recommended tools. We plan to do it both in English and Spanish.

I’m aware of this beautiful guide for primary teachers --> Diseño y construcción de objetos interactivos digitales. But I was looking for something more advanced.

Any ideas???


Hi Julieta,

This paper deals with open hardware for weather and environmental monitoring in high schools. It is in Portuguese (Abstract in English).

Open source weather stations: A research and technological development project. Rev. Bras. Ensino Fís. vol.37 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2015. Available at