Open Hardware Policy Strategy Welcome!

Ni! Hello everyone :smiley:

We’re presenting at Open Forum Europe!

This thread is to welcome folks who come talk to us from there.

Here’s a link to the three policy documents we mentioned:

Let us know how Open [Science] Hardware interests you, and ask what can we do together to advance it!

Ale (@solstag) & Julieta (@jarancio)

UPDATE: here’s a link to our presentation!


Excellent news, this is a huge chance! Approaching networks like European University Association etc. and translations of the briefs might also spread the word. @Moe and I will hopefully get the chance to tease the TTO brief in a 5-minute-lightning talk at University Future Festival in November.


Ni! So, it seems that subscribing to a new forum is kind of a huge barrier, but I still think this having posted this notice helped as a kind of symbolic gesture for the audience.

We also took care to reanimate the GOSH room and announce it to participants, and a very interesting and interested person joined the room to talk to us.

But also through the event room, we contacted at least two other people who might point to promising avenues.

I guess we’ll use this post to write about that later and follow up. .~´

I’ve updated the post with a link to our presentation. Ni!