Open hardware in the context of open science policy - GOSH Research and Policy workshop

Hello all!

As you know, despite the potential of open hardware for opening up both the process and products of science, open hardware is not always included in the open science conversation, particularly in the context of public policy.

As part of the call for GOSH Research and Policy workshops earlier this year, myself and others from the Wilson Center (THING Tank | Wilson Center) would like to work with all of you to develop and share a strategy for integrating open hardware into the open science conversation more broadly: things like working with communities and policymakers in other areas of open science, and suggesting terminology, best practices, and generally making the case for why open hardware is an essential part of open science and as such, needs policy attention.

We’re planning to host a series of virtual workshops over the couple of months, and would like to work together on one or more products, such as a toolkit, policy brief, and/or virtual public event. Please let me know if you are interested and have ideas, and otherwise watch this space for more details on the workshops!

(I am at the GOSH gathering in Panama this week so please also find me to talk more!)