Open Call: ART4MED - (self)experimentation, collaborative projects, (open)medicine

Open Call: ART4MED
Deadline: 10. January

The call is addressed to projects in the field of (self)experimentation and collaborative projects between artists, scientists and other professionals from the field of (open)medicine.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following: decolonizing technologies; biopolitics and necropolitics; human and non-human alliances; DIY/DIWO/DIT biotechnology, biochemistry, biomedicine; open culture based self-experimentation; open hardware, open wetware, experimental pharmacology; remote surgery; laboratories on chips; tissue engineering; assistive robotics; radical open health and life sciences…

Who can apply?
Adult (over 18 years old) artists, researchers, developers, hackers and members of collectives of all nationalities.
Deadline: 10. January

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