Notes from GOSH Governance WG Meeting #15 - 9 Feb 2021

Meeting #15 - 9 February 2021, 14:00 UTC

People in the call

  • Jenny
  • Gunner
  • Marina
  • Thomas
  • Bri
  • Paz


  • Finalize proposal document so that it can be shared with the community by February 18th.
    • Proposed model for candidates to engage with GOSH community
      • Candidate position statements
        • Template to be provided to candidates
      • Position statements to be posted to a category on the GOSH forum – community questions and comments enabled
      • Candidate responses to a set of community-sourced questions
        • Recommendation: not do this time, but pass forward to CC as future option
      • Community Meeting(s) with existing members
        • Recommendation: not do this time, but pass forward to CC as future option
      • Community Meeting(s) with Candidates via Zoom – recommend we do this, with notes shared with community
      • TBD: Issue of supporting multilingual participation
    • Election platform and registration
      • Create election landing page on GOSH website
      • Considering OpaVote and Helios options for voting
    • Quorum and voter eligibility
      • Bri to propose criteria and format for eligibility check
  • Election models
    • To discuss on community call: simple vote count vs ranked choice?
      • Other methods are available, such as Schulze method
  • Election Administration Roles
    • Secretary - Community Coordinator will serve as Secretary for first election
    • Independent Observer - selection of an independent election observer to be discussed on February 25th Community Call
  • Discuss the format of the upcoming community call on February 25th at 14:30 UTC.
  • Message from Paz
    • Community governance of non-profit, board seat for community council rep and how to transition
    • Concerns raised on forum regarding GOSH non-profit and GOSH governance
    • WG will address this issue on an upcoming WG call, most likely after Community Call on 25 February.

Action Items Before Next Call

  • Finalize Proposal Document, share with community.

Action Items for Next Call

  • Discuss Community Call Format
  • Plan for checking eligibility
  • Prototype of election landing page on GOSH website