Mini Maker Faire at International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (16-17 Sep 2017)

Hi All

This event is happening 16-17 Sep 2017 and I’ve decided to go as I was already planning a holiday in Slovenia around then.

Anyone else interested to get a good GOSH crowd there? Maker Faire is combined with a Science Picnic Village “a special area where happy scientists and passionate explainers will engage a public mostly of kids and young people, showing the entertaining and creative side of science with various hands-on activities, shows, labs and demos.”

Also note from the website:
The ICTP is offering free accommodation at the campus guesthouses to the makers coming from outside Trieste. The availability of rooms in limited, so we invite you to send your applications as soon as possible.

Applications for demos, talks, exhibits etc end on 6 Aug but might be worth following the advice above!

hei jenny,
wish you a nice time in sLOVEnia!

i am very well connected in the region, let me know if i can connect you to some. my friends also just hosted the Ljubjana mini maker faire. also i had some super discussions about GOSH and related with the local hackerspace Ljudmila, and anyway BioTehna and Kapelica.
ping me on skype or something for a longer chat.

talking about Maker Faires. seemingly there is a (small) overlap, with some of our GOSH network.

i’ll be giving a keynote at Maker Faire Xi’an 15/16 July and will introduce GOSH as part of my presentation. “stop printing yoda’s, make laboratories” and other stuff about coconuts.

as this is big time big China event, it could be a good point for making more interesting connections to join our GOSH network. i’ll update here on forum later.


Thanks @dusjagr for the offer of introductions! That would be great and I’ll ping you on Skype some time this week.
Looking forward to the update on your China connections.