Job at University of Cambridge coordinating open synthetic biology initiatives

Hi All

My job at the University of Cambridge has just been advertised! I’m sad to be leaving the role after three years but very excited to be taking up a Shuttleworth Fellowship in the same department, still working closely with the same initiatives - OpenPlant and the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative.

The job involves a lot of coordination activities for open science, open hardware and open biology so I thought I’d post to this community. In my time in the role I’ve been involved with:

  • Organising an annual Open Technology Week and maker faire in Cambridge
  • Setting up the Biomaker Challenge with 40 teams prototyping biological instrumentation
  • Coordinating the OpenPlant Fund awarding over 60 grants for open biology/hardware/software/outreach projects
  • Running monthly pub talks and maker events as well as more formal academic meetings on synthetic biology
  • Coordinating a working group to develop an Open Material Transfer Agreement
  • Writing grants to enable above activities and more to take place

You’d have excellent colleagues, a lovely city to live in and an enthusiastic community who really want to make a difference. Just a note that the job requirements include ideally having a PhD in a related area (e.g. molecular biology, synthetic biology, biological engineering of some description)

Here is the application page, the deadline is 12 Mar 2018 and please send to any colleagues you think might be interested!

Feel free to DM me or drop me an email if you have any questions that the ad doesn’t answer.