InvenTree - open source inventory management system

FYI, I stumbled upon InvenTree. Per its GitHub page:

is an open-source Inventory Management System which provides powerful low-level stock control and part tracking. The core of the InvenTree system is a Python/Django database backend which provides an admin interface (web-based) and a REST API for interaction with external interfaces and applications.

InvenTree is designed to be lightweight and easy to use for SME or hobbyist applications, where many existing stock management solutions are bloated and cumbersome to use. Updating stock is a single-action process and does not require a complex system of work orders or stock transactions.

Possibly useful for managing an OSH project?


That is really really neat. Thanks for sharing! I could definitely imagine using that for us… right now we just have a big spreadsheet (as most at our level have)… it works but this would work better.

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Two other projects I thought of while reading:

  • FabAccess, open-source access and machine control system for open workspaces, hardware and FabLabs (GitLab, English, German)
  • CommonsBooking, open-source tool and API for booking, sharing and commoning of common goods like lab infrastructure or mobile equipment (GitHub, German)
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Another somewhat related asset management system: Snipe-it. Looks like it’s related more to office/business management of IT assets…

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This is a little off-course but seeing commons booking, wanted to share this also (my neighbor is the maintainer, and we use it in our cohousing community) –

It’s basically a way to manage meals, things, spaces, and shared stuff within a community. Built in Ruby on a modern framework, and (knowing Tom) probably well organized and documented code.

We use it for all our meals and our whole work system (which is quite complex), as do the two neighboring communities. @nanocastro maybe useful for you guys if you have a community. Fully open source, host yourself or use the hosted version.

Probably the most underappreciated code I know of :slight_smile:

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Wow definitely underrated, thanks @gbathree.

I think there’s a theme forming around this thread, kind of sympatric to this long thread, though not exactly sure what. “Community management tools”? Really feel like we should gather all this input somewhere…

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