IMéRA Art, Science and Society Program 2019-2020

This funding scheme might be of interest to members of the GOSH Community!

Every year, the Art, Science et Société program welcomes artists and scientists (humanities, human and social sciences, exact and experimental sciences) involved in experiments at the crossroads of art and science. Its vocation is to foster the development of collaborations linking research and creation, artistic and scientific.

Open to artists and scientists from all disciplines, the program generally welcomes collaborative art-science projects that allow questions to be moved and new approaches to be renewed in the fields of science and art, thus fostering the emergence of new questions and new forms.

By way of example, and in a non-exclusive way, he deepens the following questions:

The impact of digital integration in research and creation: it is a question of reflecting on the productive disruptions generated by the collaborations between scientists (humanities, human and social sciences, exact and experimental sciences) and artists in the field of science. digital domain and the repercussions they can have in the fields of knowledge and creation.
Innovative writing at the crossroads of artistic and scientific research: the aim is to consider or explore new forms of writing resulting from collaborations between scientific and artistic disciplines.

The relationship between art, heritage and society. The aim is to question the relationship with heritage as a critical space of invention, which engages the richness and complexity of its relations with history and the diversity of cultural forms, through reflection on forms of exposure and values ​​that contribute to its definition and collective reappropriation.

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