How to GOSH interviews - looking for great sessions to profile

Dear GOSH community members, hi! I’m Marcela, from Buenos Aires. Some of you might remember me from Shenzhen 2018; I was the one who was asking everyone to be part of a short videos series (you can see the results here and here).

Now I’m writing to you in a different but somehow similar role. As part of the activities that will be funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, I’ve been commissioned by GOSH nonprofit to interview some GOSH community members who have organised GOSH sessions or activities -in-person or virtually-, and ask them “how to GOSH”. That is, to collect their valuable experience on how to put up, lead and facilitate engaging, motivating, original GOSH sessions and activities, and write-up profiles to compile, open and transfer that knowledge. The aim is to support others who might wish to organise similar activities through providing examples, best practices and other advice for future organizers.

So, I would love to hear your suggestions here. Have you organized a great session and would like to share what you’ve learned? Have you attended an amazing session or GOSH event and want to recommend the people who made it possible? It could be a session in one of the global GOSH events or in the regional ones, such as Africa GOSH, ReGOSH, Great Lakes GOSH or even other experiences, the more diverse the better.

Suggestions are very very welcome! You can answer right here on the thread or contact me directly: Thank you very much!