Hack The Earth 2017

From 14 to 16th April took place the fifth edition of the Hack The
Earth event at the Ecoindustrial postcapitalist colony of Calafou.

The event was divided in three areas:
Hacking Area, where free technologies with the arts and sciences get mixed.
New Structures Area, for sharing experiences of cooperativism, networked work, self-employment, etc.
Materials Area, for the experimentation with the reappropriation of traditional materials and discover new ones that can help in self-organisation.

Info about Calafou, nodes, workshops and talks: https://calafou.org/en/content/hack-earth-2017

DOCUMENTATION: http://wiki.calafou.org/index.php/Documentaci%C3%B3n_Talleres_Hack_the_earth_2017