Great lakes GOSH

We’re in early planning stages for a regional GOSH event for the Great Lakes region to take place in summer 2019 in Toronto, Canada. More details below…


The plan is to host a 3 day regional GOSH event in Toronto, Canada at Evergreen Brickworks. The event will take place midweek (e.g., Tuesday to Thursday) and will accommodate 50-80 participants. One of the primary goals is to bootstrap a local open-science hardware movement in the Great Lakes region, but we will also welcome applications from outside of the region (and will provide a limited number of travel grants).

We’re also planning 3-4 day post-GOSH, hands-on digital biology lab/workshop (Friday-Monday) where we’ll be hacking on microfluidics and spectrophotometers and developing field-portable water/agriculture test applications. This event will be hosted at a cottage ~2 hrs west of Toronto and can accommodate ~20 people.

The next step is to finalize dates. If you are interested in coming to either event, please indicate your preferred dates in the poll bellow. The poll will close on March 3rd so that we can book spaces.

  • July 2-4 (regional GOSH), July 5-8 (lab/workshop)
  • July 31-Aug 2 (regional GOSH), Aug 3-6 (lab/workshop)
  • Aug 6-8 (regional GOSH), Aug 9-12 (lab/workshop)

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Also, if anyone is interested in helping to organize, please contact me by direct message!

Hey Ryan,

I’m intrigued by your initiative, I think there’s potential for great collaboration and learning here. I’d message you directly on the site but I can’t seem to find our how. Shoot me an email, let’s chat.

Thanks Sebastian. Just sent you an email.

Hi Ryan,

Just planning some summer travel and would love to make this. Has there been any further progress on finalizing a date? Anything in particular I can help with (remotely from Victoria, BC).



Save the date! A regional GOSH gathering will take place in the Great Lakes area July 31-August 2, 2019 at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. This will be followed by an optional post-GOSH retreat/ hackathon just outside of Toronto.


Applications now live on the GOSH website (closing on May 17th). Apply now!


Is this official GOSH 2019?Just like schenzen one in 2018 or limited to locals in America/Canada?

There is no “official” global GOSH being organized for 2019. One of the recommendations from the GOSH roadmap for growing our community is to organize:

  1. Global events: to support international collaborations and enable wide dissemination of open science hardware.
  2. Local/regional events: to reduce barriers to access (e.g., travel costs), increase opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, and enable development of more context-relevant design and use of hardware.

This upcoming Great Lakes GOSH event falls more in 2nd category (similar to the AfricaOSH events), but it is certainly not exclusive to people in the region. We think it is critical to maintain strong connections/continuity with the global movement and aim to provide travel support for a limited number of international applicants.

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