GOSH Governance Working Group - Proposal for Community Review

Hi everybody,

I am excited to share that the GOSH Governance working group has finished a stable draft of the GOSH Governance proposal for community review!

Community members can provide feedback on this document by leaving comments, questions and suggested edits. The period for leaving comments on the document will close on Friday March 5th.

The proposal will also be discussed at the upcoming community call on February 25th 14:00-15:30 UTC.

We welcome and encourage your thoughts, wisdom and participation as we work to realize the goal of electing our first-ever GOSH Community Council.

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I put a comment in the doc. I started the comment with JS to identify myself rather than logging into Google.


Thank you Julian, that detailed feedback is much appreciated. We will work to formulate clearer language.

Our intent is to say “You need to have been GOSH-community-identified for at least 6 months before the election in order to vote or run”, and we welcome anyone who has participated further back and still self-identifies as active GOSH community member to register. So we’ll try to convey that into the proposal.