GOSH Community Call: Tue 16 June 2020, 14:00 UTC/GMT

Hi All

As mentioned in a previous message, GOSH has received a grant from the Sloan Foundation to support two years of activities and we are holding a community call on Tue 16 June 2020, 14:00 UTC/GMT to share information with you all and gather your questions on future activities and governance of GOSH. 25 people have already signed up!

Sign up via Eventbrite here >> (for security reasons we will not post a direct link)
Please note: we will meet via Zoom, we support FOSS wherever possible but due to the number of people expected on the call, this is currently our most stable option.

To prepare for the call, we encourage you to read the following documents, which contain the call agenda and a summary of the activities and budget for the Sloan Foundation grant:

Looking forward to connecting on Tuesday!

Jenny and Shannon


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Sorry, I won’t be able to make it, but this is very exciting! Congratulations to you, Shannon and everybody involved! I was thinking recently (and tried to put some of it in writing) about what is missing in OSHW for the next quantum leap, and I believe that some form of established organisation would definitely help. We could learn some things from the Linux Foundation, and surely others. Go GOSH!


This is great. I’d love to join the call but I have a conflict - are there plans to record the call or take notes?

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We’ll be taking notes so you’ll be able to catch up later.

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I have a previous scheduled videoconference’s overlapped hours , but I will try to make it!

Hi everyone!
I already registered for this call, but I don’t have the link to join the meeting. If someone could send it by pm I would be grateful.

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It was wonderful to see everyone!

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