GOSH Blog - what would you like to see? Can you volunteer?

Hi All

@jarancio @biomakers_lab and I had a chat the other week about the GOSH blog and how we can make it a useful resource for the community. So far, mostly news related to the Gathering and the Roadmap has been posted with some guest posts and only a couple of people are able to post.

What would you like to see?

Below are some thoughts from our discussion:

  • It would be great to highlight news from different continents and countries, so if you have some cool news or a project you want to make more visible for the community let us know (particularly if you’re willing to write the post :smiley:)
  • We would like to share news from other blogs that is relevant to the GOSH Community. We already have Pressforward installed, which is a FOSS content aggregator with two ways of sending content to a draft blog post: 1) from an RSS feed; 2) from a bookmarklet button that you can press when you are browsing and find an interesting post or page, which sends a copy to a blog draft. Editors can then nominate content, discuss it and post blogs all within WordPress.
  • An events calendar would be useful, to which people can submit relevant events.
  • Interviews to get members of the community would be nice, so we can get to know each other better and also interviews with other relevant actors about their perspective on open science hardware.

Topics of interest for posts include:

  • how people are working with and using OScH
  • useful resources for the community
  • summaries of useful discussions on the forum
  • terms and definitions in OScH
  • summaries of projects

@jarancio has kindly agreed to start posting. Is anyone else interested to join the team and/or get the bookmarklet to suggest interesting content while you browse?

Let us know and we’ll get you an account on the blog to get started!



Hi Jenny & Everyone

What I would like to see is that to have some technical support from people on the blog.

Usually I work on a project and when I need help I seek help at different forums and it happens that many times I don’t get a proper feedback.

It will be great if some guys here can volunteer to act as technical support for us.

This is going to be very useful especially for us working in Africa as finding people with the right experience might be a little difficult.


Hi @ifriad!

Thanks for that suggestion and sorry you haven’t been getting the help you need.
The blog is our website feed: http://openhardware.science/blog/
It is quite static for what you’re suggesting - it sounds like what you need is the discussion forum here, but just more responsiveness from the members of the forum. Is that about right?

One thing we could try to do by monitoring the forum is summarise discussions or tips that might be generally useful for people developing and using OScH and make sure they are published on the blog for posterity.


Happy to help out. I have been trying to get around to building the Flypi and the OpenFlexure. Once I get around to doing that I could try writing it them up as a tutorials/blogs from the perspective of 3D-printing and microscopy newbie.

Bookmarklet would be cool too.