GitHub Looking To Develop Standardized Metrics for Economics Research and International Development

Hi folks,
This isn’t specifically about OSH, but thought it would align with interests of people here.

We are working with the GitHub Social Impact and Policy team to define standardized metrics for international development, public policy and economics research indexes.
GitHub is the world’s largest code hosting platform. As such, metrics on GitHub platform usage can play a valuable role in research across many disciplines, including international development, public policy and economics. In the past, GitHub data has been used to study information geographies, the impact of bioinformatics software, online collaboration and tech maturity. Given its relevance and potential, GitHub would like to develop metrics from platform usage that can support economics researchers and practitioners in international development.

In case you have worked with GitHub data in the past, or would like to use it in your work, I’d love to talk. You could fill out this form or message me.

Thank you!