Does anyone have any GOSH presentation slides?

I will be presenting the GOSH Roadmap at Hackarnaval in Paris next week. Does anyone have any slides or tips to share from presenting the roadmap in the past?


That’s going to be an awesome event! What a shame I can’t come myself! Hold the GOSH flag high :slight_smile:

Yes! Here are my slides from a recent presentation:

Feel free to use, if you need edit access to copy the gdoc just let me know your google account email.
These are text-heavy slides for sharing, you may wish to reduce the text content.

Good luck! Top tip is there is a lot of content so depending on how long you have, try to select just 2-3 recommendations for each section and match them to the audience. Introducing the context of the roadmap and how/why/by whom it was made is important so don’t skip that bit :slight_smile:



Thanks Jenny, I had this little update open as a draft for ages.

I copied and amended the slides for our presentation. I exported them to .odp first (so I could work on them on the coach on the way to Paris without internet) and added the info graphic of the GOSH participants.

I added a slide for each point of the roadmap that explains when we could say that it’s been reached. E.g. for the learn section:


I also removed the references to cost when contrasting open to closed hardware as I always felt it is orthogonal to the openness issue: i.e. open hardware can often be very expensive too if it needs to meet high quality standards. This removal was noticed by some audience members and sparked an interesting discussion on the monopolies equipment manufacturer are able to exploit to raise sales and maintenance prices. If I were to give it again I would add it back in but give some context and explanation to avoid any misunderstanding.


Thanks for sharing @kaspar , this is great! Just btw to others who might be looking for roadmap graphics to use on slides, I just received all of them from the designer and have a Dropbox folder I can share.

I just presented the Roadmap at FENS2018, here is a new deck of slides:

I incorporated some ideas from @jarancio’s presentation at Tech4Dev (do you think we could share that here also?)

Hey everyone, here are the slides we presented with @jcm80 at Tech4Dev. It’s the roadmap presentation with a focus on impact on development.

cc @kshitizkhanal7

Vilsquare is organizing a Makers’ Movement in Nigeria on the 26th of July to adopt open science and hardware in enabling national cohesion and integration in the country. I’ll be presenting the GOSH roadmap at the opening of the event. The event will be a 72 hours wearables hackathon on solutions around the SDG 3 agenda. It will attract, young diverse citizens, community leaders, faith based leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders in the country. I hope to also present a report of this movement at GOSH 2018 and how it can support the scaling of GOSH in Africa.

Learn more here:

Hi all, here are the slides I used to present GOSH roadmap at OpenCon Switzerland.

In this case this was a very, very academic audience so the presentation was less community-development oriented (like the ones I shared before, which I used for Tech4Dev). Anyway may be of some use.

figure 3 of your plos paper with the segmenting colonies is gorgeous…
maybe you would have some good ideas vis epifluor (or best filters for alts - & Iwill bring a whole swatch and a few selected ones…)! Just found out the diy epi fluor may really be happening - but not sure if we can get the 3D printed lens and more before traveilng!
see you soon!

Annnnd more slides, this time in español, here

Hi @Rachel, we (with Isaac Nuñez and Tamara Matute) are happy to help with that. We will be in SZ from the 5th…
I will take some cheap acrylic filters with me.
see you soon!

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Hi Kaspar

Do you mind if I make this topic “Does anyone have any GOSH presentation slides to share” and we can get various ones added from Shenzhen that are not about the roadmap?



Here are my slides on GOSH 2018 topic sessions that I presented during Maker Week public event.

Hi am so sorry for not getting my slides in early. My slide is uploaded here.

Here the slides for the presentation we madewith @severine.cazaux and @rpez at the Latin American & Caribbean UNESCO forum. Credits to @jcm80 & @jarancio for some slides (credited in the slides).

I presented this slides as an Introduction to open scientific hardware workshop in Buenos Aires. It is a remix of many of gosh members previous presentations (credits at the end)