[December] GOSH community call

Hi everyone, in our next community call @sjacques will be presenting Hacking Ecology, an open science hardware project for water quality monitoring.

More information in GOSH website: Community calls

Also you can now find all the recordings in the GOSH YouTube channel.


I just noticed that Etherpad is shutting down at the end of the year. Any thoughts about alternatives? The Jupyter community uses HackMD for their community calls.


I searched for news about it, but i din’t find. Could you share with us?
We use etherpad a lot, so this is kind of sad :frowning:

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Just clicked on the link, got it haha

Thanks @ryanfobel!!

I guess we have alternative if want to still in the “pad environment”. Just checked and the https://pad.riseup.net, maintained by the riseup team, doesn’t seem that will be affected by etherpad.net

Nice projet !

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Just a quick note that pad.riseup.net deletes content after 60 days of inactivity. I’ve lost some beloved collaborative texts that way.

@lizbarry Oh no! It’s a shame… had no idea. Good to know it because according to the options in the main page you could change this.

I have used https://pad.disroot.org/ which is either pad based, and also https://cryptpad.fr (this also deletes a pad after some inactivity).

I have not used riseup nor HackMD. But HackMD sounds like exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks @ryanfobel

I just saw a notification when I clicked on the Notes link above.

There is also etherpad.wikimedia.org, not sure how long the pads are kept.