[Day 2] morning support theme talk by Leonardo


2nd Day GOSH2018

intros by Shannon and Julieta



free open knowledge
software should be free, and the technological knowledge behind it!

linux and internet protocols changing our history
now we have such complex problems, like envtl disasters, that need to be addressed.
there are no single solutions! conscious people that act and react in the face of problems, and envtal monitoring networks seems essential.

we use stuff, without understanding, and with not so much focus - one weather monitoring station in a city of 2million… no way to understand microclimates with this!

Fukushima example!
collaborative science rap (almost)
to help people know where and how to react

a seed of inspiration (RA knows that Robin S. of Hackuarium was key for the DIY geiger counter work there then!)

citizen science synergies will emancipate us!?

Centro de Tecnologia Acadêmica started about then in Brasil, and working on so many different projects - health, envt monitoring, uni connections
But the biggest strength for this movement is not so much the projects, but the spirit! focus on making the fundamental things as best as we can - open and free with full documentation, out to the world!
Methods for documenting everything!

software and hardware on-going documentation
not waiting for the finished version
open access research notebooks
allowing open review (and feedback?)
enabling funding possibilities too (preliminary results to cite already)
Hopes to provide inspiration and talk more throughout this conference - which are key points where there are bottlenecks for documenting??