Congratulations to Public Lab on 2017 Free Software Award from FSF!

Hi All

As you all know, Public Lab as an organisation and @shannond @jeff and others are huge supporters of GOSH, so it’s great news that they’ve been awarded the 2017 Free Software Award from FSF for Projects of Social Benefit.

Read more about it here!

Quote from Richard Stallman: “Public Lab gets the tools to study and protect the world into the hands of everyone – and since they are free (libre) software, they respect both the people who use them, and the community that depends on the results.”


Nice! Congrats @shannond, @jeff and all other Public labbers! :slight_smile:

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We love you, Public Lab :purple_heart: 100% inspiration!

Great news. Congratulations Public Lab!

awesomeness!!! public lab + libre planet!!!