Community Video Newsletter Working Group

In the council meeting today, we were discussing methods of outreach and connecting the community together. It was suggested that some alternate form of sharing projects in the community could be useful.

For instance the “One Army” plastic recycling community puts out (really well produced, long, and edited) videos once a month that recap projects people have been doing:

We were thinking maybe something like that, but much shorter and simpler and cheaper (GOSH motto?).

A basic structure for how to do it could be something like:

  1. Get a small group of 2-3 folks who want to do this
  2. Be in touch with our community coordinator Bri who puts together the monthly newsletters anyway
  3. have a set place where people can send videos of their projects (like our shared google drive)
  4. Use a simple template to edit the videos together perhaps with a bit of narration
  5. Share these videos on the forum and other venues (whatsapp groups, twitter, etc…)

If you are interested in doing this, reply!


What a fantastic idea @hikinghack! I’m interested and happy to help as community coordinator.