Citizen science group?


I am interested in finding out whether anyone else would like to make a GOSH2018 citizen science group here, personally having been involved in water and DNA damage analyses and an initial attempt towards urban garden tests of rhizobial bacteria (for growing peas).
A small team at Hackuarium is currently working toward a ‘cheek cell chip’ and an algorithm for automatic micronuclei detection, and wonders if some of you open science hardware people might give them advice on which is the best possible diy epifluor microscopy set-up to help them for imaging their comet assays… (Of course, we still have a great problem about getting this method to work with ‘kitchen sink’ ingredients, but the tech also needs to be sorted…)

Additionally, I would also love to see if someone can help me make chinese translations of info from my org, AGiR! in time for the meeting, please?? We already have one flyer about prevention of DNA damage in about 10 languages, and a few more things that I would love to give out for local people. If I make a google-gabble version of these, is there someone here who can make sure they actually make sense for me??

Really excited to participate in October…
(Just sent off all the paperwork for my visas and hoping it comes through aok!!)


I cannot help with the translation but I am in for the citizen science group :slight_smile:

for the translation, I know from my Chinese friends that google translate has been improving a lot lately in translating from English to Chinese mandarin … that can help you if you do not find a native speaker.

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will be nice to see you again! seems like a long time since ‘biofabbing’ !
maybe I will just try posting what Google wants as the translation, and see if anyone can check it…