Anyone involved in Rainforest Xprize?

The rainforest Xprize thing is going i guess in Singapore right now? I have some mixed feelings about this thing as it seems like a very corporate-y, rich, capitalist-style of “innovation” that seems to act like it’s accessible to any, but has a pretty hefty buy-in.

But, aside from my grumpies, i designed an open-source project that is going to be used in it and people are on the ground there now building 10 versions of it (it’s the MothBox automated moth imager system). I’m just excited to have more of our moth traps getting tested in the “real world” (<—ahahaha another jab at Singapore), and if you are around there and want to help out my crew, they might be able to use some last minute on the ground help (either assembling, or just tips like, “where can i get a buck-boost converter today”) (i know, sim lim, but just an example :wink: )

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