Alquimétricos - STEAM toys for quarantine

Hi folks!
Many of you may know Alquimétricos, our collaborative project on open-source, DIY, really inexpensive STEAM educational toys. Building blocks systems you can make at home or at your local Fablab using very cheap materials.
Lately, we’ve been honored with participation at Open Hardware Leaders and Open Education for a Better World programs.
Now we are crowdfunding the Toys for Quarantine project, an open educational resources initiative that we’ve already released as an alpha version: a platform full of tutorials, guidelines, blueprints and community-interaction resources to make cool toys at home using recycled materials and very simple tools during Covid19 lockdown.
This are the last days of our campaign and we’d like to invite you to come and see, share and perhaps leave a contribution on the crowdfunding, so we can reach our goal before the deadline.
Thank you very much for your contribution and we’d love to receive your feedback.
Have a nice weekend!
Fernando from Alquimétricos

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