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UK Opportunity: Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Programme 2019 (1)
Hardware developer at Prometheus Science (1)
Innovative Solutions Canada Grant for "Scaling Down Precision Agriculture" (2)
Call for Mozilla Science Mini Grants, initial concepts due Nov 15th (7)
Creating a self-sustained entity to support GOSH initiatives (9)
Postdoc position in Cambridge for open biological research tools - deadline 31 Oct (1)
Outreachy - Mozilla internships (1)
Lab Manager at Our Sci / Bionutrient Food Association (2)
Funding for US scientists working on biological imaging tech - maybe to create open science hardware? (1)
IMéRA Art, Science and Society Program 2019-2020 (2)
Funding: NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Programme (1)
NSF looking for ideas on what to fund... OScH! (2)
Open Call Digital Earth Fellowship (1)
Con X Tech Prize -- Bring Your Prototype to Life! (2)
National Geographic funding for "Participatory Science" [deadline 10 July 2018] (2)
Research fellowships (4)
Creative Commons Bassel Karthabil scholarship (4)
DIAL Funding for Open Source Projects (2)
NSF Funding programme on 'Improving Undergraduate STEM Education' (1)
Ada Lovelace Fellowship for attending Open Hardware Summit (1)
NatGeo grant on Democratizing Science (2)